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GoodMood PBC considers providing a safe and secure game playing environment a priority. In order to create a fair and fun experience for everyone, who plays our games, we do not tolerate any form of cheating and/or fraudulent like behavior.

Please help us create a safe, fun and great gaming environment, by safeguarding your account and device from potential abuse.  As such, we would like to ask you to please avoid the following dangers:


Certain third parties advertise advanced accounts, and bait players eager to progress thru the gameplay with incredible and unrealistic promises.

Some of the potential risks associated with these game accounts sales include:

The third party may accept your money and never deliver the promised account;

You won’t know for sure whether or not the third party will continue to use the account;

The third party may of sold the same game account to multiple players;

You can never be certain about the account status, and as such the account could already be targeted for permanent ban;

Because of the proposed transaction, the account may never be a secured game account, and GoodMood PBC will not provide support to any compromised accounts; and

Assuming you decide to purchase the game account, it will anyway never actually belong to you…


Third party applications consist of apps that manipulate and control your gameplay. These apps alter the gaming function, via which the third party apps strives to provide an advantage, while most likely exposing the players’ account and privacy.

Third party apps include the following:

Hacks, mods, and/or programs that unfairly change the game’s functionality;

Bots and/or gameplay automation services and/or scripts; and

Any other apps that try to modify and/or provide unearned achievements.


Certain websites and/or individuals sell in-game currency for real world money.

Such practices normally request your private login data to access your account. While attached to your account, these third parties purchase in-game currency with stolen credit cards and/or commit some sort of payment fraud, and all under your name and account, which in turn exposes you and not them.

WARNING: If you disclose your private account information to third parties, you are exposing your personal information, financial and online security to high-risk transactions.


Fraudulent like  behavior, cheating and any other similar actions surrounding any of our games are strictly prohibited by GoodMood PBC’s Terms of Service. In addition to the very likely outcome of a compromised account, participating in any of the above noted practices may lead to penalties, including but not limited to revoked currency, temporary game suspension, and even permanent closure of your game account.

Furthermore, we will not provide support to any game accounts that have been associated with fraudulent behaviors, or to any game account that has been compromised as noted herein.

Keep your game account safe by avoiding all of these potential issues.