Tree of Life – Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation

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Enjoy visualization to feel harmonious as a magnificent tree of life.

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What are guided meditations?

Guided meditation is a potent, magical combination of meditation mixed with guided visualization—and guided meditation really does encompass magical benefits.

How can our Tree of Life guided meditation brighten your day?

Our Tree of Life guided meditation deep relaxation video may help you to look at the world with a newfound perspective.

We discuss the symbols and metaphors of the video below - understanding the meaning behind the video may help to improve your overall guided meditation experience:

When the narrator discusses your roots spreading underground and the sun above, it helps to imagine that the roots encompass a power that can fill your body with strength and stability while the sun replenishes you with newfound, fresh energy.

As the video carries on, your body, soul, and mind will continue to gather strength and energy.

After you fill your mind with new energy, the narrator will inform you that every spring you bloom again, which symbolizes that you’ve survived the cold, the stress, the negativity and you deserve to bask in a creative, positive, strong mindset. It helps to imagine your tree regrowing leaves on its bare branches!

When the narrator asks you to exhale, it’s essential that you believe a sense of purpose accompanies your breath because "you fuel life on Earth."

Once you crawl back into the present, you will likely feel happier, and more refreshed, focused, and balanced than before.

It may seem like this guided meditation deep relaxation video goes on for a long time, but your mind will travel through all of the aforementioned pathways in under three minutes.

You may find it tough to think about pausing in the midst of a busy day to refresh your mind, but if you lack energy, feel negative towards the day that looms ahead, and can’t concentrate on the task at hand, it may benefit you to try out a short three to five minute guided meditation for relaxation—the meditation may help you to feel more relaxed and harmonious.

Do you want to experience guided meditation for relaxation on a daily basis? You’ll be happy to know that with our on-the-go guided meditations you can plug in your headphones while visuals and a soothing voice blanket your mind for a couple of minutes wherever and whenever you find time to yourself—the couch, during a break at work, in the park, to name a few.