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Tune into relaxation and prepare your body and mind for a good night's sleep.

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Guided Sleep Meditation: Can meditating before bed help to improve your quality of sleep?

Some nights it can be tough to transition from the bright lights and noises of the day to a peaceful, relaxing sleep, especially when your mind replays the events of the day over and over while you also ponder the possibilities of tomorrow.

When your mind runs at a mile a minute before bed and takes you further away from sleep, you may find it useful to bask in the positive, pleasant events of the day.

There are a couple of ways that you can revel in positive experiences before bed:

  1. You can write about your day in your journal.
  2. You can follow a guided sleep meditation.

In this article, you will learn how our Good Night Meditation video, which asks you to take a moment to reflect on the positive happenings that took place during the day, may help to induce a calm state of mind.

Do you want to find out how our video can help you to transition to a relaxed mindset before you fall asleep? Continue reading for a detailed description of our Good Night Meditation video.

Let’s unravel our Good Night Meditation video

When you tune into our Good Night Meditation video, it is beneficial to place yourself in a comfortable, relaxing position where your mind, body, and soul can ease into a peaceful, calming temperament.

At the start of the guided sleep meditation video, the narrator will give you the option to close your eyes. After, he will also ask you to take a deep breath and exhale and to take a moment to smile while you let your face muscles relax.

When you exhale, you may want to imagine the images that you’ve collected over the day flying out of your body and into the universe, while you inhale new, fresh air (air that encompasses the power to sprinkle your mind with a magical dose of relaxation).

While the guide helps you to transition from reality to an elevated state of relaxation, it helps to believe that his words act like a cozy blanket for your mind—one that envelops you and keeps you warm and comfortable.

After you've settled into a more serene frame of mind, the narrator will ask you to tune into your current emotions and feelings while you breathe freely and without effort.

Let your current emotions flood your mind—you may be tempted to resist some feelings, but once you've acknowledged every single thought, you may find it easier to let these thoughts slide out of your body and dissolve in the air.

While you breathe with ease, the narrator will carry your mind to a state where you can recall and collect the positive, enjoyable memories and events from the day. When you skim through the series of experiences that took place during the day, it helps to start from the morning to where you currently sit.

Close to the end of the video, the narrator will give you the opportunity to put a positive spin on the various experiences that took place throughout the day.

You can also take this moment to thank the day for teaching you a valuable lesson, which can help to transform not-so-good events that may have unfolded throughout the day into a positive experience.

Before you open your eyes, you will take a second to imagine how you can use the experiences from today to create a better environment and mindset for yourself tomorrow. While you do this, it may benefit you to believe that you encompass the uncanny ability to prosper the upcoming day!

During your final deep breaths, believe that you deserve to relax, to fall asleep with ease. And as you drift back into the present, it is vital to avoid screens and other distractions—your soft bed awaits you.

The benefits and positive effects of meditation

A couple of studies show that guided sleep meditation before bed may help to improve the quality of your slumber.

One study, conducted by a group from the Netherlands, analyzed subjects with no meditation training. The group of participants meditated with reading materials and guided meditations for 10 minutes before and after work every day for two weeks.

The results emphasize that meditating on a daily basis may improve your chances of having a relaxing, deep sleep.

Another study, developed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, confirms the notion that people who meditate before bed have a better chance of having a deep sleep than non-meditators.

Don't believe us?

Research reveals that bedtime meditation may improve the REM sleep state by a whopping 60%. Are you tired of crazy dreams that wake you up and promote restlessness? A relaxed REM sleep state may help to reduce your chances of waking up in the middle of the night.

Do you want to reap the benefits of a guided sleep meditation? It helps to meditate on a nightly basis—consistency is key!