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Allow this meditation to make you feel weightless and free.

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Have you ever wanted to jump out of your mind and run to a faraway land where freedom replaces worry, stress, and fear? Many of you can likely agree with us when we say:

Some days it can be tough to break free from the shackles of your mind.

However, some practices such as focusing on your breathing, mindfulness, a body scan, or guided meditation may help to ease your burdens while also directing your mind towards a state of freedom.

In this article, we will introduce you to our Weightless as a Feather guided meditation video, which uses picturesque imagery to help carry you from your current situation and into a realm where you can embrace a light, free, and happier state of mind.

Are you ready to learn more about our guided meditation for anxiety video? Read on for a colourful, detailed interpretation!

Let's explore our Weightless as a Feather guided meditation video

When you tune into our guided meditation for anxiety and sleep video, it helps to settle into a comfortable position where your mind has the freedom to travel away from your current emotions.

Throughout the guided meditation, the narrator will introduce you to an array of colourful illustrations that aim to invoke the imagination.

At the start of our guided meditation for anxiety video, the narrator will ask you to let your worries float away; you can imagine that each breath helps to release your fears and anxieties. While your worries vanish into the universe, the narrator will carry your mind further away from everyday thoughts. How?

He will take your mind up into the blue sky, through the fluffy clouds, and into space surrounded by bright, promising stars. It helps to believe that you are feather floating into a calm, lighthearted state.

When the narrator of our guided meditation for anxiety and sleep video guides you to the bright, starry outer space, he encourages you to envision that you encompass the strength to illuminate the stars around you—believe that you have the power to smash your worries and the shackles of your mind.

He also asks you to let the cosmic light fill your soul with positive energy to the point where you believe that you deserve to live weightless amongst the gorgeous, sparkling stars.

When you drift back into reality, it helps to relive the images of floating into the sky over and over, especially if your mind begins to travel back to the state that it was in before tapping into the guided meditation for anxiety and sleep video.

What does science say about the effects of meditation?

Humans have been practicing meditation for centuries, and since ancient times, meditation has helped meditators develop a deep sense of self—there's a reason why people continue to meditate!

Over time, researchers have found that the various forms of meditation and mindfulness practices encompass a plethora of benefits, such as combating stress and boosting self-control.

One article states that when you stress, your body produces "pro-inflammatory" cytokines, and a high amount of cytokines may perpetuate mental and physical illnesses.

However, meditation, one study from 2017 claims, can work to combat the number of pro-inflammatory cytokines in your body, which may help to reduce your stress levels.

Meditation may also induce strong feelings of self-control.

We enjoy in indulging in pleasurable things like food—we crave the reward that accompanies pleasure.

Research finds that meditation and mindfulness can help us to stave off the need to indulge in pleasurable entities, which may help some people to fight habits like smoking.

Do you feel stressed and bogged down? You may want to consider tuning into our Weightless as a Feather guided meditation for anxiety video, practicing mindfulness meditation, or doing some breathing exercises!