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Imagine you have discovered a talent for public speaking and your audience includes all the people on Earth.

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Do you have a fear of public speaking? Many of us tremble at the thought of speaking in front of a crowd—large or small.

It's possible to remedy—or slightly diminish—the fear of delivering a speech to an audience! How?

You can try out creative visualization! What's creative visualization?

We'll tell you all about it shortly! After we unravel the importance of creative visualization, we will introduce you to our Power of Speech guided meditation for productivity video.

Public speaking can be tough, but sometimes meditation and creative visualization can help! Want to learn more? We advise you to read on!

What's creative visualization, and how does it work?

Creative visualization can help to ease the typical emotions that go hand-in-hand with delivering a speech.

The Institute of Public Speaking reveals that creative visualization can serve as a coping mechanism. The author claims that "we always have 2 points of creation in any effort in our lives." First, we develop thoughts and ideas, and second, we put our thoughts and ideas into action.

However, we tend to falter at step one! How? We form pessimistic thoughts about public speaking, making our "internal visualizations" negative instead of positive.

The author believes that revamping our view of public speaking through creative visualization can help!

Creative visualization can train your mind to formulate positive thoughts about public speaking.

The author advises that you find a comfortable, quiet space and follow these three steps:

  1. Ask yourself what you think about public speaking
  2. Imagine delivering a wonderful speech—one the crowd loves
  3. Repeat this positive imagery over and over until you feel confident in your ability to deliver a fantastic speech

If you want to create a full-fledged positive image of success in public speaking, you can check out our Power of Speech guided meditation video!

The visualization in the meditation video will help you imagine yourself as a speaker who is not only self-confident but encompasses the ability to inspire other people and feel an emotional connection with the audience.

Want to learn more about the video? Let's go!

Our Power of Speech video: explained

Before you tune into our guided meditation for productivity video, it's essential to find a place where your body, mind, and soul can relax and focus on the words spilling out of the narrator's mouth.

The video follows the creative visualization tactic mentioned in the section above, so it's essential to prepare yourself to dive into your imagination, where your speech prospers, ignites, and empowers those around you!

At first, the narrator asks you to imagine speaking to every living soul on the planet. He wants you to envision that your words can move people to a state of inspiration and joy.

After, the narration brings you to the start of your speech, where you stand in front of an audience. It helps to focus on your breathing. While you exhale and inhale, believe that the stage is where you belong, where you can convey your ideas to the audience, express your real emotions, and fascinate people with your dreams.

Believe that your mind can string together smooth sentences that brim with charisma and passion. When the narrator mentions that your voice sounds strong and confident, it helps to think about the sentences pieced together in your mind flowing out of your mouth.

Next, the narrator will ask you to feel the energy of the words leaving your lips—watch your words surround the audience. Your speech, your welcoming tone can connect you with every person Earth.

Before you drift out of our guided meditation for productivity video, the narrator will ask you to dream and believe that your words can change the world!

When you open your eyes, it's vital to continue to relish in your positive frame of mind. If you want to continue to boost your confidence and feel inspired, it helps to think about the speech you delivered in your imagination, where you prospered and had the innate power to connect with your audience!

In conclusion

For many of you, anxiety, dread, and fear accompany public speaking. However, creative visualization (and rehearsing your speech) may help you to succeed in public speaking!

Guided visualization can help you to imagine yourself as a successful and inspiring speaker; it can also encourage you to unravel the message you’d like to convey to your audience and what dreams you would like to fulfill with the help of your speeches—a sense of meaning can give you confidence.