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"Paradise - Relax and Meditate" is a video meditation app that offers you all the beneficial advantages of regular meditation apps, but additionally gives you a wide variety of enriching features, designed to boost your mood and energy levels, inspire you and send your motivation levels soaring. Paradise app’s novel concept immerses you in an ocean of positive thoughts, and sends you on short, relaxing virtual holidays, designed to recharge your mind throughout the day.
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What are Meditative Moments?

Our videos and meditations are bright, emotional visualizations designed to let you relax, encounter new, positive experiences and improve your general well-being by offering you insights into your own life and unlocking your inner wisdom.

Who we are

Paradise app was designed and developed by a multi-cultural group of positive people from around the globe, who are committed to the principles of the ancient theory of harmony, and who are equipped with extensive, long-standing knowledge and experience in meditation, visualization, modern psychology, positive personal coaching and positive thinking.

We face the challenge of making our planet a better place to live on. We wish to support people across the world in positive, sustainable personal development. Our primary goal is fostering greater harmony in the world and encouraging people to help others.

We, GoodMood PBC, are a Public Benefit Corporation. We don’t measure our success by revenue, but rather by the benefits we are able to provide our clients and our environment. We will donate a minimum of 5% of the annual net turnover to projects or organizations dedicated to education, personality development and Demeter (biodynamic) agriculture.

Our mission

We have one mission: to help you free your mind, boost your wellbeing, live a happier life and achieve your goals.